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Welcome to our travel stories. Just read the exciting description from our hikes and study the pictures that we have taken.

Have fun!

1. Jotunheimen 96"A sightseeing tour with sunshine and a visit to Galdhöpiggen the highest mountain in Norway and of course Glittertind. In addition to that we also had some nice hours at Besseggen."
2. Narvik-Kebnekaise 97"We started from Narvik in the northern area of Norway and planned to hike in a direction towards Sweden and the Kebnekaise mountain area. Nikkaloukta was reached after 11 days despite of the hot sun and a lost bridge."
3. Jotunheimen 98"This year we look at the great Vettisfossen, sun bathe at Fannaråken and we also wake up one morning with 20 centimetres of snow on the tent."
4. Jotunheimen 99"The glacier course in Krossbu was finished with a hike to Storebjörn. Midtmaradalen turned out to be a real experience and so did the unexpected cab trip between Hjelle and Turtagrö."
5. Nordmarka 99"A funny and unusual hike in the famous Nordmarka right outside Oslo in Norway. It was very cold in the evening but a Tacos buffe and a hot apple pie made us warm again."
6. Preikestolen 00"Fog and some trouble with the navigation characterized the hike to Kjeragbolten. The rain and the wind dominated at Preikestolen. But what a lovely nature!"
7. Sunnmörsalpane 00"The peaks were steep and these mountains impressed us a lot. Classic peaks like Slogen and Jönshornet made this hike complete."
8. Gaustatoppen 01"Swedes on classic Norwegian ground. A visit to Rjukan with it's war history. Swedish midsommer, but we forgot the herring and the dram which made our walking fast up to Gaustatoppen."
9. Jotunheimen 01"Jotunheimen one more time. For a while we thought it was bad fantasy, but we changed our mind when we reached Falketind and Uranostind and saw the lovely views. This was one of the greatest hikes we've done!"
10. Jostedalsbreen 01"Norwegians always says, don't miss Lodalskåpa! Why not, the glacier equipment were just waiting to be used. Oh yes! This was a route to remember."
11. Rondane 01"Rondane? What's that? We began in Rondvassbu and took the chance to visit some of the 2000 metres peaks in the area."
12. Trollheimen 02"Really nice marshes, a lot of clouds, rain every day, a broken back pack and a shoe, nasty blisters. Could there be some more things that we wanted in the lovely area of Trollheimen?"
13. Folgefonna 03"Trolltunga and the lake Ringedalsvatnet with it's warm color was one of the coolest view we have ever seen. The blue ice of the glacier Buarbreen was also a great adventure. And we had also company with the rain all week long."
14. Jotunheimen 04"After a special stage at Flåklypa we reached Jotunheimen once again. The week in Leirvassbu started with snow and ended with sunshine. But that doesn't matter when the peaks are awsome?"
15. Ryfylkeheiane 05"Yet another trip to Kjerag. Bad weather as usual (foggy) but the surrondings were amaizing!"
16. Jotunheimen 06"Of course we had to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in Jotunheimen, where else? The trip went through well known paths and we tried to add some new unexplored routes."
17. Jotunheimen 12"Bukkelägret, Besseggen and Galdhöpiggen! It sounds like a really exciting hike for our new participants!"
18. Norway 18"Snöhetta and Jotunheimen. Sounds like a cold place..."
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